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Curriculum Vitae (May. 2022)

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Emine Ugur Kaynar

I have just receieved my Ph.D. (May 2022) from the Department of Computer Science at Boston University. I am working with Prof. Orran Krieger, Prof. Larry Rudolph and Prof. Peter Desnoyers.
I’m a member of the Systems Research Group, and associated with Mass Open Cloud and Red Hat Research.

Interests:Cloud Computing, Large Scale Distributed Systems, Cloud Storage Systems, Performance Evaluation
Skills: Ceph, OpenStack, Alluxio, Hadoop, Spark, C++, Bash, Python

I am passionate about building large distributed systems and contributing to open source projects. My research focuses on building efficient and flexible systems for the growing data demands of modern high-end applications running on existing as well as emerging cloud computing platforms. I worked on the design/development of scalable cloud-based platforms and improving the performance and efficiency of distributed frameworks.


  • Ph.D. in Computer Science - Boston University, May 2022
    • Dissertation: Cooperative Caching for Object Storage (Advisor: Orran Krieger)
  • M.Sc. in Computer Science - SUNY at Binghamton, August 2013
    • Thesis: Impact of Encryption on Live Virtual Machine Migration (Advisor: Ping Yang)
  • B.Sc. in Information Systems Engineering - Bogazici University/SUNY at Binghamton, May 2011

Open Source Software

D3N Data Cache For Ceph Object Storage, Merged into Ceph by Red Hat, 2021. [Ceph Documentation]

Selected Research Projects

  • D4N (Directory Based D3N) is a directory-based cooperative cache that provides a distributed directory for a global state, re-uses the existing data lake (Ceph) software for implementing a write tier and exploits the semantics of immutable objects to move aged objects to the shared data lake.
    We are still in the process of upstreaming the D4N and convincing the Ceph upstream community.
    [Github] [Red Hat Research D4N Page]
  • D3N (Datacenter-scale Data Delivery Network) is a multi layer cooperative caching extension to storage system itself as a solution to network constrained data centers. D3N enables data sharing across analytic clusters (e.g., Spark) in a data center, and dynamically adapts to changes in access patterns.
    [Ceph Documentation] [Project Page] [Red Hat Research D3N Page] [Article] [Paper]
  • Elastic Secure Infrastructure (ESI): Involved ESI project which explores how to build a secure bare-metal elastic infrastructure for data centers and efficiently multiplexing bare-metal servers between different tenants. Bare-Metal Imaging (BMI) prototype we developed is a generic bare-metal provisioning solution for rapid deployment of bare-metal nodes on demand, and brings attractive image management capabilities (e.g., fast snapshotting, cloning, rapid provisioning etc.) of virtualized solutions to bare-metal systems.
    [Project Page]


  • Universal Data Center Cache, Submitted (2022)
    E. U. Kaynar, A. Mosayyebzadeh, M. Abdi, M. Benjamin, L. Rudolph, P. Desnoyers, O. Krieger

  • Cooperative Caching For Object Storage, Ph.D. Dissertation, 2022
    E. U. Kaynar

  • Beating the I/O Bottleneck: A Case for Log-structured Virtual Disks, EUROSYS 2022
    M. H. Hajkazemi, Vojtech Aschenbrenner, M. Abdi, E. U. Kaynar, A. Mosayyebzadeh, O. Krieger, P. Desnoyers, [Paper]

  • A Community Cache with Complete Information, USENIX FAST 2021
    M. Abdi, A. Mosayyebzadeh, M. H. Hajkazemi, E. U. Kaynar, A. Turk, L. Rudolph, O. Krieger, P. Desnoyers, [Paper]

  • D3N: A multi-layer cache for the rest of us, IEEE BIGDATA 2019
    E. U. Kaynar, M. Abdi, M. H. Hajkazemi, A. Turk, R. R. Sambasivan, L. Rudolph, P. Desnoyers, O. Krieger, [Paper]

  • M2: Malleable Metal as a Service, IEEE IC2E 2018
    A. Mohan, A. Turk, R. S. Gudimetla, S. Tikale, J. Hennesey, E. U. Kaynar, G. Cooperman, P. Desnoyers, O. Krieger, [Paper]

  • An Experiment on Bare-Metal BigData Provisioning, USENIX HotCloud 2016
    A. Turk, R. S. Gudimetla, E. U. Kaynar, J. Hennessey, S. Tikale, P. Desnoyers, O. Krieger, [Paper]

  • HIL: Designing an Exokernel for the Data Center, SoCC 2016
    J. Hennessey, S. Tikale, A. Turk, E. U. Kaynar, C. Hill, P. Desnoyers, O. Krieger, [Paper]

  • Performance Analysis of Encryption in Securing the Live Migration of Virtual Machines, IEEE CLOUD 2015
    Y. Hu, S. Panhale, T. Li, E. U. Kaynar, D. Chan, U. Deshpande, P. Yang, K. Gopalan, [Paper]

  • Impacts of Encryption on the Performance of Virtual Machine Migration, M.Sc. Thesis,2013
    E. U. Kaynar


  • Red Hat, Boston
    Research Intern , May 2017 to Present
    • Hybrid Cloud Cache
    • Upstreaming D3N into Ceph Object Storage
    • Impact of node/rack failure and recovery on Ceph Object Storage
    • Performance analysis of erasure coding and replication for Ceph Object Storage
  • Mass Open Cloud (MOC) Alliance, Boston
    System Researcher, May 2015 - Present
    • Big Data Platform
    • Monitoring Platform

Teaching and Mentoring Experience

  • Mentoring
    Department of Computer Science, Boston University
    • Accelerating Ceph Cloud Storage with D4N [GitHub], team of 4 graduate students
    • Ceph RGW S3-Select Caching [GitHub], team of 4 graduate students
    • Ceph RGW Cache Prefetching [GitHub], team of 3 graduate students
    • Mass Open Cloud Monitoring Platform [GitHub], team of 3 graduate students
  • Teaching Assistant
    Department of Computer Science, Boston University
    • Cloud Computing
    • Introduction to Application Programming
    • Introduction to Computer Science
    Department of Computer Science, SUNY at Binghamton
    • Introduction to Computer Security
    • Programming Languages

Talks and Presentations

  • Hybrid cloud storage, Open Cloud Workshop 2020, Boston MA, [video]
  • D3N: A multi-layer cache for data centers, 2019, Boston MA, [video]
  • D3N: A multi-layer cache for improving big-data applications' performance, Mass Open Cloud Workshop 2019, Boston MA, [video]
  • The Massachusetts Open Cloud:an Open Cloud eXchange, Red Hat Summit 2017, Boston MA
  • Big Data as a Service at Mass Open Cloud, Open Stack Summit 2017, Boston MA, [video]


Computer Science Department
Boston University
Curriculum Vitae (May. 2022)

Emine Ugur Kaynar